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To be limited is to operate or perform below your divine capacity. It is to have great potentials but manifest little achievement. A limited fellow like David may be destined for the palace but limited to the wilderness to be tending sheep. A limited fellow sees vast potentials and opportunities but cannot exploit these blessings because some powers are restricting him. He is like a bird that cannot fly because some heavy weight has been tied to its legs. He is also like a bird that cannot fly because its feathers have been plucked off. A limited fellow is like a bird in a cage; created to fly but cannot fly; destined for the sky but limited to the cage on earth. May every cage of limitation around your life break to pieces as you take these prayers, in Jesus name.

The Scripture says “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37).
Confession of Faith
 From now on I shall not struggle in life again.
 Because God is my Father and I am His child, He is always with me. I involve Him in all my undertakings. I know when He is involved in anything, success is certain.
 Working with God nothing shall be impossible for me. I am not working alone; I am not planning alone I am a co-labourer together with God.
 I believe in Him; I trust in His greatness. I have faith in His omnipotence.
 God’s Word tells me “I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me”.
 I receive the strength of the Lord Jesus in every area of my life. (Mention specific projects and undertakings you have at the moment).
 I take a leap of faith. I refuse to be scared; I refuse to be intimidated by the magnitude of my project. With God nothing is impossible. Since I am involving Him in this matter, it is possible! It is achievable! My goal is realizable – in Jesus name!

Prayer Strategy
 Confess all your sins before God.
 Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.
 Invite the Holy Spirit to come with the Angels of God to your assistance.
 Pray loudly in tongues intermittently.
 Night vigils and fasting are necessary for this prayer.

Scriptures to Stand Upon
Luke 1:37; Philippians 4:13; Isaiah 58:1; Isaiah 65:21-23.

1. Every seed and root of impossibility that is in my life, be uprooted and be destroyed by fire in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Every curse of impossibility in my life, my family, I revoke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. I set at nought every plan of impossibility in my life.
4. I am a child of God. Nothing is impossible for my Father. Every good thing I lay my hands upon will prosper as I will always seek to glorify God in all my ways.
5. In the name of Jesus, I will make it!
6. I come against you spirit of impossibility, loose your grip over my life. Loose your position in my life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no dealing with you any longer. I have the Almighty God as my father.
7. My Father is a God of new beginnings. Where I have failed before, I will now begin to succeed. Where others have failed I will succeed in Jesus mighty name.
8. From today I step into my success.
9. I refuse to give up. I can do all things in Jesus name.
10. I resist you spirit of discouragement. I say no to you! God has not finished with me yet. I still have a greater height to reach in life – and that height I will reach in the name of Jesus Christ.
11. From now on, I become as unlimited as my Father God, in Jesus’ name
12. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I clear off all spiritual satanic road-blocks blocking my way to prayers.
13. I command all spiritual rags, ropes and chains binding my hands and legs to break into pieces in Jesus’ name.
14. I declare my total freedom from impossibility and limitation right now in Jesus name. Amen.
15. I command every limitation and every Red Sea in my life to part asunder now in Jesus name.
16. You walls of Jericho blocking my advancement into my inheritance fall down now in Jesus name.
17. I release myself from the collective captivity of family and community in Jesus mighty name.
18. I command you gates of impossibility and the everlasting doors of limitation to lift up your heads that the King of glory might come into my life in Jesus name.
19. From now on, I forcefully advance into my divinely given inheritance in Jesus mighty name.
20. Thank you, Father, for restoring to me all I have lost in my life, in my business, in my home. I will have a ten-fold restoration in Jesus’ name. Amen.