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Prayers to Deal with Poverty and Failure

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Prayers to Deal with Poverty and Failure


Poverty and failure are found together. The former is often the consequence of the latter. The fellow who fails repeatedly in business or career will eventually become poor. Several reasons may be responsible for these unpalatable experiences. Similarly, several solutions may be proffered to the problem of poverty and failure. The solution that concerns us here is the solution of prayer. If the cause of poverty and failure is satanic or demonic, prayer becomes the only viable solution.

Faith Scriptures: 3Jn 1:1; Deut.8:11-18; Jn 10:10; Gen.1:28; Eccl.11:4-6; Gen.8:22.

(1) Father, forgive me for any action or attitude of mine that has led me to a state of financial insufficiency and hardship.
(2) I willfully and consciously renounce and divorce you foul spirit of failure and poverty; be uprooted by fire out of my life, in Jesus name.
(3) Thou precious blood of Jesus, cleanse, neutralize and blot out of my life any evil label of failure and poverty.
(4) Father, help me by your Spirit, to change any attitude in me that works against my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
(5) Lord, forgive my laziness and passivity.
(6) I reject an unproductive heart; I reject a self-defeating heart in Jesus name.
(7) Lord, if nobody ever succeeded much in my family, I shall be the first in the name of Jesus.
(8) From henceforth, I reject every negative and pessimistic attitude. I proclaim today that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
(9) Father, I repent of constant procrastination, please give me the grace to do all I have to do every day in Jesus name.
(10) Lord, I believe I am great and unique, destroy in me the negative self-image I have created for myself.
(11) Right now, I silence every evil generator supplying the current of failure and backwardness to my life in Jesus’ name.
(12) I am born of God, therefore I overcome you spirit of failure, planlessness, goalnessness, visionlessness and thoughtlessness.
(13) I have the mind of Christ, therefore, I can think, plan, strategize, prioritize and evaluate.
(14) I am an Eagle saint, therefore I break myself loose from the company and power of chickens, bats, ostriches and vultures in Jesus name.
(15) Father, let the Abrahamic seed of success which you planted in me through Christ germinate, grow and flourish in Jesus name.
(16) I thank you Lord because of your enabling grace for success life in Jesus’ name.



The dry season is a period when the sky or heaven is closed, and there is no rain. Therefore, dry seasons are characterized by drought, dryness, heat, discomfort, irritation, shortage, and starvation. God designed the cycle of seasons to change from rainy season to dry season. This means when dry season persists without changing to rainy season, a satanic manipulation may be indicated. This calls for a prayer offensive.

Faith Scripture: Eccl.3:1-8; Deut. 8:7-10, 15; Lev.26:9-13; Isa. 35:1-4; Deut. 2:21

(1) Father, I thank you because you are the God that changes times and seasons in favour of your children.
(2) Father, have mercy on me and forgive me for my contribution to the cause of this dry season of my life, in Jesus name.
(3) Lord, I am sorry for wasting heavenly resources during my season of abundance. Have mercy on me in Jesus name.
(4) By the blood of Jesus, I revoke every curse responsible for my dry season in Jesus name.
(5) I command every ancestral yoke of perpetual dry season to be destroyed by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.
(6) Let every wind of drought and dryness in my life cease now in the mighty name of Jesus.
(7) By the key of David, I command my heavens to open up for my showers of blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.
(8) I speak to you satanic umbrella preventing me from experiencing God’s showers of blessing: break to pieces and catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
(9) I frustrate every satanic plan designed to make me miserable in life; you will not prosper in Jesus name.
(10) I bind and cast out all the desert spirits operating in my business, career, marriage, finance and ministry, in Jesus name.
(11) I decree a new season of divine rainfall and refreshing in my life, in Jesus name.
(12) From today, my life shall not know dryness. I shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruits in its season in Jesus name.
(13) Because Christ the fountain of living waters dwells in me and in heaven, I declare the opening of new fountains to my life and the opening of the floodgates of heaven over my life.
(14) Father thank you for the deluge of blessings already showering down on me.




Failure is defined as lack of success in a venture or project. It also means a state or instance of being unable to produce or perform what is expected or desired.
To be limited is to operate or perform below your divine capacity. It is to have great potentials but manifest little achievement. A limited fellow like David may be destined for the palace but limited to the wilderness to be tending sheep. A limited fellow sees vast potentials and opportunities but cannot exploit these blessings because some powers are restricting him. He is like a bird that cannot fly because some heavy weight has been tied to its legs. He is also like a bird that cannot fly because its feathers have been plucked off. A limited fellow is like a bird in a cage; created to fly but cannot fly; destined for the sky but limited to the cage on earth. May every cage of limitation around your life break to pieces as you take these prayers, in Jesus name.

Faith Scriptures: Gen.1:28; Eccl.11:4-6; Gen.8:22; Psa. 127:1; Mat. 21:1-2

(1) Father, I thank you for your plan for me to rise to my uttermost in life.
(2) Lord, I receive all that it takes to perform excellently in all my endeavours in Jesus name.
(3) I receive a push by the power of the Holy Spirit to rise in life.
(4) Father, take me to the place I belong to according to your divine calling in Jesus name.
(5) I destroy the spirit and mentality of contentment with mediocrity and average performance in my life in Jesus name.
(6) I paralyze and uproot from my life every evil spirit responsible for my failure, weakness and non-performance.
(7) Holy Spirit, trouble and agitate my spirit continuously until I take decisive steps to break free from inaction and discouragement in Jesus mighty name.
(8) Father, please deliberately use people to challenge, motivate and inspire me out of my predicament of non-performance in Jesus name.
(9) You spirits of excellence and progressive achievement possess me right now in Jesus mighty name.
(10) I commission God’s fire and the blood of Jesus to visit my idolatrous, occultic and witchcraft roots and terminate the regime of dry seasons in my life and in my family line in Jesus name.
(11) This is my season; I will arise to shine gloriously like a star, in Jesus.
(12) I command every chain of limitation, fear and discouragement tying me down to one spot to break by fire in Jesus name.
(13) God is my Father and I am His child, He is always with me. I involve Him in all my undertakings. I know when He is involved in anything, success is certain.
(14) With God, nothing shall be impossible for me. I am not working alone, I am not planning alone. I am a co-labourer together with God. I will make it in Jesus name.
(15) I believe in Him, I trust in His greatness, I have faith in His omnipotence, and therefore, I receive new grace and fresh courage to move forward in Jesus name.
(16) I take a leap of faith, I refuse to be scared; I refuse to be intimidated by the magnitude of my dreams and projects for, with God nothing is impossible. Since I am involving Him in this matter, it is possible! It is achievable! My goal is realizable in Jesus’ name.
(17) Because Christ lives, I proclaim an end to my financial, spiritual, marital, intellectual, emotional, and professional limitations in Jesus’ name.
(18) Father, thank you for opening for me the floodgates of heaven in this season.



Wisdom is a skill in living or the skill to live life successfully. It is locating and applying God’s ways of doing things. It is the ability to rightly apply knowledge. Being creative is simply the ability to create things. It is functioning in the creative power of the Creator. Everyone made in the image of the Creator should therefore be creative.

Faith Scripture: Prov. 4:1-9; 2 Tim. 3:15; Psa. 110:98; Prov.24:3-4; Eccl. 8:1

(1) Father, I thank you for making the spirit of excellence available to all your children; I receive it by faith in Jesus name.
(2) Father, activate the mind of Christ in me; help me to attend to the issues of my life as Christ would, in Jesus name.
(3) I command every spirit of tradition that hinders excellence to get out of my life, in Jesus name.
(4) Father, open up my mind to divine ideas and inspiration, in Jesus name.
(5) I receive the wisdom and drive to attempt and succeed in my God-given assignment, in Jesus name.
(6) By the blood Jesus, I receive my liberty from every inherited gene of mediocrity, in Jesus name.
(7) I command every yoke of mental bareness and laziness in my life to be destroyed by the fire of God, in Jesus name.
(8) I revoke every curse of intellectual and mental destitution in Jesus name.
(9) I receive divine empowerment to be mentally productive, in Jesus name.
(10) I receive the grace and discipline to acquire relevant knowledge and skill for excellence in Jesus name.
(11) Father, make me wiser than my enemies and stronger than the problems confronting me in Jesus’ name.
(12) I declare from today that the spirit of excellence shall attend to all my endeavours in Jesus’ name.
(13) Let the creative power of my creator become manifest in my life, career, and business, in Jesus name.
(14) I activate the creative mind of Christ in every area of my life, in Jesus name.
(15) I thank you Father for the fresh anointing of creativity I have just received.


Revd. Dr. Moses AransiolaGeneral Overseer of the Gethsemane Prayer Ministry International

Revd. Dr. Moses Aransiola is the President and General Overseer of the Gethsemane Prayer Ministry International. He is also the national director of Nigeria Pray