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God created us and sent us to this world to accomplish a purpose for Him. We are here on a mission; we were born to fulfill a divine assignment. This means death should have no power over us until we have accomplished that assignment. Jesus did not die until His assignment was accomplished.
Your assignment is your God-ordained mission on earth. It is the task God wants you to accomplish before you die. The enemies of Jesus tried to kill him several times but they did not succeed because his assignment had not been accomplished.
Jesus remained ‘unkillable’ until his mission on earth was accomplished. No child of God should surrender to death until he or she has accomplished God’s mission on earth. The arrows of sudden deaths can be in the form of sickness, disease, accidents, physical attacks, or spiritual attacks. We must resist the arrows of sudden death through aggressive and informed praying. We must also be watchful to ensure we do not play into the hands of the enemy.

Anchor Scriptures: Ps. 91:1-16, 121:1-6; Prov. 26:27; Rev. 12:11, 13:10; Hos. 13:14; Rom. 8:2.

Pray these prayers aggressively (preferably at midnight)

Pray Like This:
1. I receive the grace and power of God to wage a successful war against the enemies of my soul in Jesus name.
2. You arrows of sudden death flying around my family, we are not your candidates, backfire in Jesus’ Name.
3. You suckers and drinkers of blood, my blood shall be poisonous in your mouths in Jesus’ Name.
4. By Holy Ghost fire, I delete the names of every member of my family and my name from the register of sudden death in Jesus’ Name.
5. In the name of Jesus, my head receive a covering from sudden death arrows (Ps. 140:7).
6. In the name of Jesus, my life and that of my family will not be terminated.
7. You spirit of fear of death fired into my life to weaken my faith, die by fire, in Jesus name.
8. You agents of death assigned to waste lives in my family and church be arrested by fire in Jesus’ name.
9. By my Calvary benefit, let all death agents and criminals living around me be exposed by fire in Jesus’ name.
10. Oh Lord, let your fire locate and destroy every demonic altar raised to service sudden death in my neighborhood/village/church in Jesus’ name.
11. Oh Lord, arise and frustrate every appointment with sudden death in our church in Jesus’ name.
12. Oh lord, in this season, deliver my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling, in Jesus’ name (Ps. 116:8).
13. Oh Lord, deliver me from the evil man, and deliver me from the violent man (Ps. 140:1).
14. Oh Lord, disannul every request and petition of sudden death engineered against me in Jesus’ Name (Ps. 140:8).
15. Thou sudden death arrows, in the name of Jesus, backfire!
16. In the name of Jesus, every sudden death sentence pronouncement on me must backfire.
17. In the name of Jesus, I declare with my tongue that I will live and not die. Every death request I have made before now by desire in words, I evoke by fire.
18. I cancel every appointment with death, tears, tragedies and failure, whether unknowingly made by me or made for me by evil people in Jesus mighty name.
19. Oh Lord, I receive divine covering from every arrow and stones of death in Jesus’ name.
20. In the name of Jesus, my family and I will not walk into chambers of death this season.
21. By Holy Ghost fire I disperse every shadow of death around me, my family and my church in Jesus’ name.
22. Every sacrifice done to release the power of death into operation in my church become null and void in Jesus’ name.
23. You satanic curse charged with the power to activate sudden death in my life, family, church, ministry and city, you will not prosper in Jesus’ name.
24. In the name of Jesus, where and whenever my name is mentioned at sudden death altars, let there be confusion in Jesus name.
25. I withdraw my name from the altar of sudden death in Jesus name.
26. By the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, I overcome the law of sin and death.
27. Oh Lord, let all death traps prepared against victims in my church fail this year in Jesus name.
28. I shall not die physically, spiritually, maritally, mentally, economically and emotionally in Jesus name.
29. Thank you Father for giving me victory over death.
30. Thou coffin power in my roots and foundation, die by fire right now in Jesus name.
31. Father perform a foundational surgery in my life.
32. I cut off all family foundational and spiritual umbilical cords through which evil flows to my life in Jesus name.
33. Because Jesus presently holds the keys of death and hell, I declare that no power of the wicked can kill me before my time.
34. Thank you heavenly father for granting me good health, long life and prosperity. I shall continue to live to declare your glory in the land of the living. Amen.