Welcome to the 2022 International Prayer Academy Registration.

The International Prayer Academy will host participants from Nigeria and nations around the world such as Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Rep. of Benin, Togo, Rep. of Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, South Africa, USA, UK, Australia to mention a few. The 2022 International Prayer Academy will be held at the Gethsemane World Prayer Centre, Eleyele, Ibadan.


This will be a life transforming event. If you are registering as a lay person, Church leader or group from within or outside Nigeria, please complete the online registration form individually.

We have free accommodation offered on a first come first serve basis (limited rooms available). Daily hotel rates: 15$ and above.

If you have any questions regarding registering for the 2022 International Prayer Academy, contact any of our international offices below: +234802 302 7551 (Nigeria),  +234803 478 2403 (Nigeria), +233 20 703 9065 (Ghana)

You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your registration for the 2022 International Prayer Academy Registration.

Visa /Invitation for International Delegates

If you are participating from outside Nigeria, please research the visa requirements based on the country your passport is issued.  For information on visa application and requirements CLICK HERE to read more on Nigerian Visa Information.

Please send your full name (as on your travel documents), address, and passport number as it should appear on your invitation letter. Your invitation letter will be provided within 3 working days.